Sucklord "Wood Toy Suck Set" from Gary Ham

Ohhhh WOW!!! Check out this awesome hand-made and hand-painted wood toy of the Super Sucklord made by artist Gary Ham. There were two of these sets made, and one is up for grabs via ebay HERE right now! The toy stands 7" tall, has 5 whole points of articulation at the head, shoulders, and wrists. Oh, and there are also interchangeable heads and tons of accessories. The Suck set includes: 1 body, 1 Morgan Phillips head, 1 Sucklord head, 1 light saber, 1 beat box, 1 roll of Ass Wipe, 1 carrot, 1 photo of his girlfriend, 1 NY Times challenge, 1 jar of urine, 1 Voice, 2 Suckpax, 1 bong, 1 bootleg gay stormtrooper, and 1 cape! This is a serious set... and how friggen cool is it... oh, and how can you not love that literal 'rat tail', soooo great!?!?!? Don't miss out on this one folks... super limited and super sucky!

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