Rivet Wars... a brand new designer resin world!!!

Here is a great new company that I became privy to while at NYCC 2011 this year, and I gotta say that Ted over at 'Rivet Wars' has got his stuff together, and is creating some of the coolest looking resin mini-figures around! What I can only describe as a cross between 'Metal Slug' and some neo-postapolocptic steampunk figures... these little guys look amazing!

It does however seem that I am late to the party on this one as he has released a ton of different figures so far... but there is no time like the present and he just announced that he has put up in his online store HERE an Allied Grunt 2-Pack. It's two 35mm 'Grunts' that are bagged with a stats card. As you can see, these 'Grunts' are in scale with the Vert Tank that was released earlier... and just look at the pennies next to them, awesomely small and detailed! Each pack is only $15, and can be found HERE... along with other little pieces! I look forward to future releases... and I hope you all do too!

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