Copious amounts of customs from J.C. Rivera

J.C. Rivera does not sleep... case in point... he just completed all of those customs above which are all up for grabs in his online store HERE right now! The android series is an extension of one commission custom he did a couple of months ago. For the Shawnimal's dumplings series J.C. wanted to do because he gets inspired when he goes to buy dumplings and they come in the take out container... all piled up and stuck together, and each one comes in his own container. Now onto that Monster Bossy Bear, he picked him up at NYCC and applied his fantastic muted down color pallet to it... transforming it into his own creation with the end result looking really great! Head on over HERE now and get some sick customs... you will not regret your purchase, some quality work being pumped out by J.C.!!!!!

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