Qee turns to USB!!!

Hey, everyone else is doing it... so why not Toy2R as they have just released images and info on an upcoming Qee x USB drive! These super simple designed Qee's are being co-produced by 'Choicee' an electronics company overseas, and one of the things that stands out amongst all the other designer USB drives is that these are quite large... 8GB LARGE... so not only are these the same size as the classic 2.5" Qee, but they are also available in various colors. Simply pop the head off the Qee Bear and you can store all your info or artwork on these handy and adorable Qee characters that are easy to carry around or simply display on your desk. There is no word on a price, or a release date, but stay tuned for more up to date info!

Source[Qee Press]

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