*OPEN CALL* The Rusted Nail Gallery is hosting two art shows... and want's you to participate!!!!

The Rusted Nail Gallery in Mesa, AZ presents it's first dual show... the first of whic is dubbed "Winter Vinyl Wonderland"! This is an open platform winter themed designer vinyl toy show featuring artists from all over. Pick up your favorite DIY designer vinyl toy, be it Munny, Trexi, Qee, MadL, or even those ones they sell at Target and Michaels. Grab your paint pens, airbrush, and sculpey and get to customizing. The theme is Winter, but it doesn't have to be holiday related. It can be anything to do with winter and things that take place during these cold(er) months.

Now onto the second show... called "Deck The Halls", and you guessed it... this is a custom skate deck show and this, unlike the the top show, is an open theme show and anybody is welcome to take part. You can use any style or brand of skate deck you wish, even that beat up old Nash sitting in the garage. Use any medium including air brush, acrylic paints, spray paint, or markers and customize your skate deck as you see fit. The Rusted Nail Gallery will have a limited amount of blank skate decks available for purchase in the gallery! The shows open Friday December 9th and will run until Saturday January 7th and is open to everybody. Pieces must be received no later then Thursday December 8th to be a part of the 2nd Friday opening. If you have any questions or would like to be a part, please email therustednail@cox.net

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