Jeff Lamm's new "Spike Wad" figure teaser #2

Take a peek at this tasty little morsel, as Unbox Industries just posted up a fantastic shot of Jeff Lamm's newest vinyl creation dubbed "Spike Wad"... and what we are seeing above is the mid-section of said figure which is being mashed up with his previously released "M5 Bravo" figure! Now we posted up some nice teaser HERE earlier, and now seeing the actual sculpted piece... well, I am super excited! According to Jeff "Spike Wad is a fairly new large mutant spider. It's origins are unknown, some say it first appeared in the area of the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. It was given the military nomenclature "Spider Quad" which was shortened to "Spi-Quad" and finally "Spike Wad"." Oh, and as you an see in the above illustration, all of his body parts will be interchangeable with the rest of Unbox's previously released Lamm figures... EPIC!!!! There is no news on when these will be released... but since we are seeing actual sculpts, it won't be too long now!

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