La Muerta x Motorbot x Killer Napkins - "SLUG" resin toy and shirt combo pack!!!

La Muerta continues to push out some of the coolest shirts around, designed by the finest illustrators in the land and for their next release... let's just say it's a complete doozie as they teamed up with both Killer Napkins and Motorbot to hit you with the ole' one-two punch. "Every carnival needs a good old-fashioned moneyman, and La Muerta's resident slimeball is no different. Even his handshake leaves a sticky trail (no thanks to his sharp-toothed and ever-present confidante, the Slug). He monitors the Carnies' kicks, and of course, makes sure to ice the local authorities wherever a good villager thinks to protest an act... poor bastards." Titled "Slug" you not only get a sick 13" x 18" screen printed shirt designed by Killer Napkins, but you also get a 2.5" x 1.5" resin figure designed by Motorbot. This epic set is up for pre-order now for only $30... a smoking hot deal seeing as there will only be 25 of these in existence! Don't sleep on this folks, go HERE now and pull the trigger!

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