Designer-Con 2011: Nathan Hamill

Nathan Hamill will have a few customs at our booth #324 this year and we are stoked to have him. He created a one-off, hand-painted custom vinyl of his new Bellicose Bunny that he is calling the 'Killer' edition which features a shiny chrome finish with black accents... this will sell for $150! He also will be releasing a special resin run of his tyrannoCECILrex figures he is calling the 'Rascal' edition that features an all black finish with white'ish highlights, which is limited to just 8 pieces, and they will retail for $35 each... and you see what Nathan did there... he named it 'Rascal', as in the Little Rascals (feat. Spanky) hahaha :-) Be sure to swing by the SS.com booth #324 to pick these up!!!

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