12" resin "Mutant Bunny" figures by Joe Ledbetter... round #2, and looking good!!!

A double dose of Joe Ledbetter today... and why not?!?! Joe has teamed up with Julie B. once again of Pretty in Plastic to take his iconic Bunny figure into the resin world by creating these amazing 12" tall statue like figures... all of which are being hand-painted by Joe!!! So, you might think that's not too bad as there are only 5 of these... WRONG... there are only 5 in the picture above, Joe is planing on hand-painting 40 of these, all of which will be released via his webstore HERE for around $1500 each! This is the second round, and wow do they look great... and what a great opportunity to get a 1-off piece of artwork from Mr. Ledbetter... a seriously cool piece of art at that! Keep your eyes peeled on Joe's site HERE as he will upload new Bunnies once he has them completed! Hit the jump to get close up's of all these rad rabbits!

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