[Z0MZ] the new figure from Dynomight NYC

It's been some time since we have heard from the guys, J-R00 and JBat, over at Dynomight NYC... but we just received an awesome email with the subject line "Dynomight NYC is back!" and were stoked to find that they have been hard at work on a new figure, in fact they are marketing as their new platform figure called [Z0MZ]. According to DYNC "[Z0MZ] are customizable and programmable robotic minions at your disposal! [Z0MZ] can be much more terrifying than a walking sack of mindless flesh. These zombie-like automatons can run! As we all know real zombies can't. ;P A [Z0MZ] disposition and primary function is totally in the hands of the end-user. That's you!"

This piece is being sculpted by the very talented Bigshot Toyworks and as you can see fro the render above, they did a fantastic job translating J-R00's style into a 3D environment and if you notice the form as it stands now from his initial submission sheet... Bigshot did what needed to be done to make this piece work... and is it me, or does this figure have a touch of Dynomight NYC's previous "Bumrush" figure in it :-) Either way I am diggin what I am seeing, so keep those eyes peeled for them t drop late 2011 or early 2012.

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