Shawnimals 'Ninjatown Plush' from Kidrobot

Who's ready for more cute ninja goodness from the one and only Shawnimals... well the folks over at Kidrobot are, and they are excited to announce a new line of goodies... and they range from tiny 4" pocket-sized terrors all the way up to 14"!!!! Each figure features a super-soft fleece body, tricot face, embroidered eyes, and unique getup to match their character story. Set to drop from Kidrobot stores and retailers worldwide on November 3rd, you can have your pick at Big Wee Ninja 14" for $29.95, Wee Ninja 9" for $17.95, and 4" Pocket Wee Ninja, Pocket Zombie Ninja, Pocket Business Ninja, Pocket Aqua Ninja and Pocket Super Ninja all retailing for just $9.95 each.

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