How to Make Canned Monstrosities

Found this on I Make Projects:
The above items were made for only a couple dollars each! It's easy if you have a few things around the house and a dollar store nearby. You just need a little imagination and an eye for mixing and matching.

Who needs off-the-shelf seasonal Halloween decorations when you can make your own in an afternoon for a fraction of the price and get ten times the quality - not to mention something wholly unique?

This is a process, rather than a specific How-To. Use a similar process on your own to mix and match different items to make your own jars. Wander through the dollar store and look at the various items in a whole new way!

The most important thing is to think of a story behind each creation. This will direct your efforts. Once you have a concept in mind, the rest of the jar will pretty much make itself.

Here is how the above items were made. Expand on this and make your own!
These are some really great ideas, and I thought it was really cool to see what was made just by using common items you can find around the house or at the store for really cheap. Have fun, and if you do use this tutorial to make some of your own, send em my way, I wanna see!!!!

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