Designer-Con 2011: Nebulon5 exclusives

Hey all you crazy kaiju kids... have we got something special for you at this year's Designer-Con, and above is a nice little taste, as we teamed up with the massive talent known as Nebulon5 to deliver some goods via the SS.com booth! As you can see from the above shot, Mike aka Nebulon5 left no stone unturned when it came to what he decided to apply his super smooth paint stylings to, and if you have not seen his work in person and are planning on coming to Designer-Con on November 5th... you are in for a serious treat!

I was able to catch up with Mike this past weekend, drop off a few vinyl pieces I picked up for him from NYCC, and asked if I could film him 'doing his thing' on em... and he said "let's go for it"! So above is a quick little video that I threw together showcasing Nebulon5's skills on a "Monster" vinyl figure from Lulubell Toys x Grody Shogun... and needless to say, the end result is stunning!!! This piece, the others above, as well as many more, will be up for grabs at D-Con... oh, and Mike will be in attendance as well so you can pick his brain, get sketches, or just say hello! Hit the jump for more photos!

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