"George The Vampire" by Tara McPherson x Cherry Vinyl... wip sculpt!

Julie B. from Pretty In Plastic and now the newly formed Cherry Vinyl recently took a trip to New York where she met up with the great folks over at Clutter Magazine and revealed a wip sculpt of a new figure titled "George The Vampire" that Julie is sculpting based on the artwork of Tara McPherson. This little guy just screams McPherson's style as Julie captured her 2D work and transferred it to 3D seamlessly!

Now you might recognize this figure from many of Tara's 2D works like the sticker, t-shirt and gig poster above, but a smaller/less detailed 'George' was produced through Kidrobot back in April of 2009 as part of Tara's "Gamma Mutant Space Friends" mini series... which was a lil over 3" tall (right). This new version looks to be a good 6"+ tall and will most likely be cast in sofubi... making it that much more sought after! Now the real question is when is this going to drop and what are those feet next to 'George'... hopefully these questions will be answered soon, but maybe it will be revealed at the upcoming October 15th show at Cotton Candy Machine featuring Cherry Vinyl along with Lulubell Toys and Grody Shogun... we will see :-)

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