Zeus Comics "Vinyl Custom Show" 09/10/2011

Hey Texas... how you doin?!?! I don't want to hear anymore complaints about never having any show out there because in the past 3 months there have been 3 shows and coming up on September 10th, 2011 Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas is hosting a custom vinyl show which is going to feature works from some serious heavy hitters in the customizing/artist community including, but not limited to: Buff Monster, TaskOne, Jay222, Motorbot, Brent Peeples, Hydro74, SpankyStokes, Kingbaz, Shawnimal's and many more! See I told ya, this show looks to be rad, and I am not just saying that because I am in it :-) If you are in or around the Dallas area be sure to swing by and check this out, and in the mean time... hit the jump to see my custom Munny I did for this show.

Zeus Comics
4411 Lemmon Ave.
Dallas, TX. 75219

This little guy is "SquintStroll" for obvious reasons... because he is squinting :-) He's a 7" custom Munny that I created by using Magic Sculpt, faux fur, glass eyes, teeth, resin, acrylics, metal, and other found objects. Although he may look harmless, if you get to close he will jump on you, and he will bite you... so be careful! 'Squinty' will be on display and up for grabs at the show, so if you are gravitating towards his presumptuous stare, give him a good home.

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