Circus Posterus & The Steve Brown Gallery at Dragon*Con 2011

Dragon*Con attendees... start your proverbial engines!!!!! Alright folks, I am sure if you have plans to attend Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta from September 2nd-5th, you are already there or are in route... but up until tonight, all you CIRCUS POSTERUS fans really were not sure what was going to drop... well here we go, and what an amazing cluster of goods it is!!!! In attendance from the CP collective will be Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, and Amanda Spayd. Also in attendance will be Steve Brown of the Steve Brown Gallery and Shinbone Creative. Circus Posterus will be at Booth #BT07 and #BT08. Oh, and above is just the tip of the iceberg... wanna see what all is being brought along, hit the jump for a full list and slideshow!

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters - Clear Violet Jack & Lucky Sets, Plasma Elizabeth, Lucky Skulls, Honey Lucky Skull keychains, "RedPlasma" BigSal
Travis Louie - Postcard Set (Vol III)
Chris Ryniak - Green Crumbeaters, Green Bubbleguts, custom Snybora and Muscamoot figures, plus prints, and sketches!
Amanda Louise Spayd - Medic plush figures, brooches, and mini-prints.
Steve Brown Gallery - Artist Edition Yo-Yos #11 and #12 featuring art by Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas (Edition of 40 per design)

In addition, both Circus Posterus and the individual artists in attendance will have books, prints, original drawings and sketches, and more... including hand-painted sake sets and rare production figures! This is going to be a HUGE outing for you CP fans, I just hope you all saved up enough money :-) For coverage of the event, be sure to constantly visit Amy over at VinylGoddess as she eats/breaths/sleeps for CP... plus she's awesome!

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