When creepy met creepier... a love story between Grody Shogun's 'Monster' & Paul Kaiju's 'Seagool'

Who doesn't love finding a treasure? The folks over at Lulubell do, so they're holding a Treasure Hunt online this Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time for their latest treasure dubbed "Monstergool" where they took two of their recent fan favorites, Grody Shogun's Monster & Paul Kaiju's Seagool... mashed them together to create one of the creepiest vinyl figures around! Monstergool features a clear Seagool body with one of the 6 flesh colored Grody Shogun Monster heads! All are handpainted by Grody Shogun. Monstergool stands 4.5" tall and is articulated in the neck... for only $40 each!

So how does the Treasure Hunt work? Starting at 6pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 31st all 6 styles will be hidden somewhere within the Lulubell Toys website HERE! They will be on any page, in any category... finders, keepers... maximum order of 2 finds of any style! Any unfound treasures will move to the home page Thursday morning at 10am... how fun is this!!!!

Source[Lulubell Press]

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