Garbage Pail Kids tribute show @ G1988

Gallery1988 on Melrose is proud to announce its upcoming show to kick off September with the theme "Childhood Items We Miss The Most Month"... and how fitting that they chose to pay tribute to the grossest trading card set ever produced, Garbage Pail Kids. Opening this Friday September 2nd, come see the results when over 100 of your favorite artists were asked to create their own Garbage Pail Kids, and some may even become actual cards themselves! This show is in coloration with both Topps and The Hundreds, and will be of epic proportions... and if you need help being convinced, just check out the pieces above from Iron Jaiden, Rhys Cooper, The Bungaloo, NC Winters, Alex Pardee, and Evan Lopez... yeah, AWESOME!!!!

G1988 Melrose
7020 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles CA. 90038

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