PinkGhost artist series three "Artist Chubby Books"

Pinkghost will be releasing the brand-spanking-new Artist Chubby Books Series 3 on Friday, September 16, 2011... and if you recall the last two series', you know that these are some quality books!!!! Each 6"x6"x2" hardcover Chubby Book includes 10 colorful postcards from pop-culture's most imaginative new artists nestled between 250 pages (100 lined pages + 150 sketch pages) for you to fill with sketches, journal entries, shopping lists, or whatever you like. NEW artists participating in the Pinkghost Chubby Books Series 3 include Kukula, Danny Brito, and Allison Cole. Pick up your favorite design or collect them all! With the exciting world of Kukula, 50's fashion bombshells by Danny Brito, and the circus antics of Allison Cole, there is something for everyone!

Source[PinkGhost Press]

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