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Bits N Bytes "Velvet Cupcake" edition from Cris Rose

Cris Rose has just announced a new release for his amazingly cool "Bits n Bytes" resin bots... and this go around he has whipped up some delicious looking colors in what he is calling his "Velvet Cupcake" editions. This will be a full set including 48 bots in 6 colors and 8 entirely different sculpts! These will be offered up in light and dark 3 packs, and in his newsletter exclusive FULL SET. The will go up via his online store HERE at 18:00 London time tomorrow, and if the last release was any indication of how this one will go, I would hope on it as soon as they go live! Oh and if you have not signed up for his newsletter yet... I would do so to get in on the special offers!

Full Sets
If you buy a pack containing a "Full Set" ($55) you're guaranteed one of each sculpt with no doubles. Each of the 6 bits is also a different color, but as the sculpt/color combo is random, every set is different! This is also ensured by the two randomly colored Bytes that come with their little Bit buddies. In total, you're getting 8 figures, all bagged and header carded.

Light / Dark 3 Packs
There are are 2 options when it comes to 3 packs ($22.50). The Light Pack consists of the lighter Hues, the Dark Pack consists of the darker Hues. Pretty simple really. There are 3 Bits per pack and the sculpts are random, but you're guaranteed the 3 colors shown!

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