"Stegoforest" resin from Ghost&Flower out now!

We gave you a nice little WIP teaser of Jesse Narens aka Ghost&Flower new resin figure called "Stegoforest" HERE and now this cool resin dino is up for pre-order HERE! So you may ask... why is it called the StegoForest? Well, it has trees coming out his back... pretty rad concept! Sculpted by Beth Graves (who sculpted Bwana's sloth n' moth) this dino measures about 7.5" long and about 4" tall. He has 2 points of articulation... front left leg and the head, and with each figure you also get a mini figure called "battle damaged acorn warrior". You can have your choice of colors when you pre-order HERE, where both are going to set you back $100 for the set! For more info, visit the Jesse's website HERE.

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