Jam Factory & Joe Knapper Cavey Teasers...

Less than 1 week away now as we continue to receive some really cool teaser images for the upcoming 'Hey Cavey Birthday Party' which is on May 26th from 7-10pm at Fleet River Bakery, Holborn, WC2A 3JF, London, United Kingdom! Today we are not only getting one, but two teasers... the first of which is from UK designer Gavin Strange from Jam Factory, who as you can see illustrated up a cool skull face and Holly turned that into one cool looking plush piece... can't wait to see the full reveal of this one!

The second teaser we are getting is from Joe Knapper, an unknown artist to me... but after seeing the teaser, I wanna get to know him :-) and unlike all the other Caveys we have posted where Holly turned their designs into plush, Joe’s design stayed true to form... and what an insane form that is... more bot's equal more awesomeness! Along with the above designs there will be others from notables such as feature one-off custom Cavey's designed by notable artists such as: Jon Burgerman, Sneaky Raccoon, Cris Rose, Lunabee, Jon Paul Kaiser, Triclops Studios, Doktor A., Matt "Lunartik" JOnes, Peskimo and Phil Corbett! As with all the custom Caveys, all the designs will be for sale on eBay in the week leading up to the Party, with the auction finishing at the event itself!

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