Argonaut Resins @ Toy Street 2011

Are you heading out to Toy Street tomorrow... well keep those eyes peeled for the 8 Jelly Empire cross over exclusives with Argonaut Resins. Each set will go for $40 and 3 of the matching sets will have a Kings of Atlantis Talisman skull magnet included for FREE! The orange, and green sets are the Zombie Glow GID and the uber chase clear tint gray WereWolf Jelly Bot and matching Tuttz Mini cat are also Zombie Glow GID! The yellow gold set with orange polka dots are Selina Brigg's customs. According to Eric, he has more stuff for the show, but is keeping it under wraps for the time being... and we may not see it until the day of the show. Either way... there is going to be some awesome resin creations available so swing by and snatch this stuff up before its gone for good!

Source[Argonaut Resins Press]

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