Designer Toy Awards @ SDCC 2011

I had heard about this for some time now, and I am really happy that all the pieces fell into place as Clutter Magazine just announced the first annual International Designer Toy Awards (DTA) - Hosted in San Diego, California during SDCC 2011. All I can say is that's it's about time. There are so many aspects in the design world that have been based off of, or have started from because of designer vinyl toys... so why not put those designs, designers, companies up on stage and honor them for their hard work and dedication to the design industry! This will develop over the next few months, and I will keep you up to date with specific details and deadlines, and in the meantime head on over to the Designer Toy Awards website HERE, and SIGN UP now to start nominating companies, artists, collections, and even blogs (*cough SpankyStokes.com cough*) you can also stay privy to all that's happening.

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