Scott Campbell Solo Show Tonight @ Gallery 1988 LA

Melrose based Gallery1988 is proud to announce its newest exhibition, The Great Showdowns, from NY resident and G1988 frequenter Scott Campbell. For the past few years Campbell has been participating in all the themed group shows at Gallery1988 by contributing dozens of 5x5 inch paintings depicting the most famous enemies in pop culture history, face to face. Since their debut these showdowns have been instant favorites and quickly became the most popular series in Gallery history. Scott has created 200 (!!!) new pieces for this show over the past year, this time detailing the top rivalries in cinema history. All of these Showdowns and, for the first time, some of his sketches, will be available for sale starting at the opening reception on Friday, Feb. 5th from 7-10 PM. Scott will also be in attendance, with some top secret surprises. Don't miss this awesome show, which runs through February 26.

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