"Knight Shades" custom Munny series from f+

Josh "f+" Pearce completed a ton of customs for 2010 and made many collectors super happy but one thing he wanted to switch up for 2011 is to give more people an opportunity to own some of his sick designs so he went forward with an idea and the "Knight Shades" were born. Each one of these 7" custom Munny figures is composed of hand cast resin pieces, painted with acrylics and sealed in both archival matte and high gloss on the eyes and jewels.These will be available to order for a limited time and are capped off to 15 pieces... go snag one HERE for $300 a pop before they are all gone! Not too shabby for a SWEET fully customized 7" Munny!

The Story of the Knight Shades:
"In all the Majik disciplines, there is darkness, An evil siren’s call that beckons it’s wielder to succumb to it’s black lust. The darkness, once invited, blinds and consumes them in it’s terror. The Knight Shades are born from the heart of pure majik darkness; and so long as they roam this land, no kingdom should live without fear."

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