Dunny Azteca Series 2 ratios and Marka27 variant

Seeing as the forthcoming Dunny Azteca Series 2 is upon us, Kidrobot has been ramping up all efforts to get YOU all excited for this release... and rightfully so seeing as these designs are pretty fresh. Today they revealed not only the ratio checklist, but a special variant of the Marka27 Minigod Dunny in a cool red/yellow color scheme. This variant is going to be available at all Kidrobot stores and launch party locations where they will be given away for buying a case... pretty cool incentive!

AS for the above ratio list... this has got to get Dunny fans excited as all the ratios are pretty attainable, although there are those hard to find ones like the Hernandez Dunny :-) This series is really shaping up and word has it that those blank faced Dunny's come with a sheet of removable eyes, noses, mouths, to create a multitude of expressions... really cool!

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