Argonaut Resins 'New Years' Tuttz Wave 1

Argonaut Resins just dropped some really exciting news about an upcoming Tuttz release. The New Years Edition will be released in 3 waves of metallic colors totaling 16 pieces. The first wave consists of 6 pieces: "Charity", "Midnight", "Money", "Lipstick", "Royalty", and "Sunshine"... included in this series is a special light blue 1/1 clear tint metallic haze chase Tuttz (Charity) where half the proceeds will go to the LCKM@$$ charity to fight cancer. This charity Tuttz will retail for $100 and all the other Tuttz resins will go for $55. These are set to go on sale the Argonaut Resins online store HERE this Wednesday, January 26 2011, at 9pm EST.

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