Sneak Peek of Merapi "KID" the Lava Wanderer

Coming up and being shown this weekend at the very HUGE STGCC (Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention) will be the first figure collaboration between Thunderpanda and Plastic Culture. This will be the first of many character projects that they are calling "The Wanderers". The first figure dubbed Merapi "KID" the Lava Wanderer looks like a fierce ball of angst and you can see this piece in person at booth booth A20 during the convention. There will only be only 20 pieces made. Each piece will have some hand-painted area and will come signed by Thunderpanda. This piece will retail at $89.90 per piece.

Background story of Merapi "KID" the Lava Wanderer:
"Kid" is what they call him. A kind-hearted teenage creature who lives in the center of the earth. His day-to-day is pretty much the same; playing at the side of lava stream until dinner time all by himself. Felt bored and lonely, he began to wonder... when suddenly he was blinded by a bright light. A volcanic eruption that creates a way to another world. He then followed that light, and was astonished to see what has happened. Looking at wounded victims, he felt responsible. He tried to help. But because his appearance is not like everyone else, the people was scared. The children loved him, though and accepted him for their own. He was then called "Kid", short for Merapi Kid.

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