Lunabees' awesome "Pontos" custom Paw!

Another awesome Coarse Toys Paw! custom by another fantastically talented artist, as Lunabee put her paintbrush to work on this underwater creature titled "Pontos". It's really such a pleasure to see the amount of time and effort put forth into this already cool figure form, and what a lucky collector to add this to their collection as this was a commissioned piece that Sarah completed for them... not to mention the accompanied backstory!

The story of Pontos:
"He is the ruler of all the ocean and all the creatures within. An aggressive and sometime brutal king, Pontos' mood can be foretold by the actions of the waves - when all is calm Pontos is in good spirits, but when the waves are crashing and whirlpools erupt, all the sea creatures know to stay clear. Pontos has 3 guards who protect him day and night, the Octopi - Clio, Xantho and Opis. Xantho has the very special job of guarding Pontos' heart to ensure that the king can rule for eternity."

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