A little nostalgia for you iPhone...

UNCLE JOEY!!!... is what I shouted after my good friend Chris showed me the latest venture his Uncle was partaking in, and just like all things awesome, I can't just keep it to myself! Start up company iCovers4U has all kinds of fantastic "i" accessories for all of your "i" devices, but one thing totally caught my eye... a super slick Cassette iPhone4G cover, which is a total blast from the past! The rad thing about this silicone case is that it really does make you iPhone look like a Cassette, and seeing as they are very similar in size, it really is uncanny! These are only $19.99 a pop, and even if you already have a case for you iPhone... this is a must have. Head on over to their online shop HERE now to pick this up, as well as browse all the other goods they have to offer!

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