Custom Munny by Ghostface Killah?!?!?

Sometimes over here at SS.com we receive interesting/somewhat shocking emails for submissions, and this one may just take the cake. Shawn Wigs contacted me about a piece that he and rap legend Ghostface Killah, of Wu-Tang Clan, collaborated on... it's a custom Munny and according to Shawn, he introduced Ghostface to he whole designer toy culture and he is now hooked now! This is the first piece that Shawn and Ghostface created and they plan on doing more and as you can see it has all the elements of a Wu crafted piece... all the way down to the yellow/black color scheme, the gold chains and jewelry, the killa beez on the back.... and you gotta love the stocking over the face, classic! Oh and if you want this for part of your collection... time to star saving because it's a pretty penny for sure, bid on it HERE!

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