*ON SITE* Sketchbot #2 custom show @ Munky King in Los Angeles 11/19/2010

So not only did Los Angeles host one of the biggest toy conventions this past weekend, that being Designer-Con, but it also was the setting for Steve Talkowski's second customs Sketchbot show that was hosted by Munky King. This show was off the hook... there is no real other way to describe it, and I really think it blew all expectations out of the water. Not only were the submitted pieces superb, but the turn-out was insane and was filled with artists and fans alike all coming together under one roof to appreciate this amazing platform.

This was truly an amazing event and every single custom Sketchbot for this show turned out amazing (pick them up online HERE)! Steve was on hand to chat it up with everyone, and had a perma-grin on his face the entire night surely just reeling in the awesome turnout and support from everyone. These events are once in a lifetime experiences and if you have yet to make it out to big custom shows... you have got to try. Talking shop with all the artists in attendance, and enjoying the comradery that we all share as one big toy family is what's it's all about! You can pick up the remaining custom Sketchbots online HERE right now... some great ones are still available. Also, be sure to hit the jump for a photo slide show from the event!

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