Funbuns - Custom Burgerbuns show *PREVIEW*

Remember... not only is Designer-Con this weekend, also going down on November 20th, 2010 is Le Merde’s custom "Burgerbuns" show! This is so rad, and the customs I have seen so far are top notch. In fact to get you all amped up, Mike has put together a little slide show that showcases some of the amazing customs that are going to be seen at the show... peep it below!

Super7 is playing host to a HUGE custom toy show on this very figure featuring some amazing works by top notch artists including: Kiyoka Ikeda, Naoya Ikeda, Chanmen, KaToPe. Buta No Hana, Dehara, Uamou, Le Merde, Brian Flynn, Bwana Spoons, LASH, Kozik, David Horvath & Sun-Min, Josh Herbolsheimer, Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Koji "Cometdebris" Harmon, Dead Presidents, L'Amour Supreme, Aiyana Udesen, Itokin Park, John Black, Johnny Ryan, Leecifer, Arbito, Snaggs, Skinner, Buff Monster, Sucklord, Matt Furie,Tim Biskup, Cupco, MCA, and Paul Kaiju.

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