Donations for 3A's Gimbat

For many in the toy collecting world ThreeA is more than just a toy company. The legion as it's known is a community that collects great toys but more importantly looks after it's own and shares a tight knit bond. That's why a few weeks ago when news spread that Gimbat one of the mod's for the forum and the news source for all things 3A be it of twitter, various forums or facebook, had a heart attack it came as quite a blow. Gimbat being a modest person didn't say much about it and preferred to keep a low profile but now as he's starting to get his strength back we can all breathe a sigh of relief. And yet for Gimby there is still the many tests and doctor appointments for him to come as he's very young (mid 30's) to have a heart attack. There has been a fundraiser privately going for Gimby for a few weeks now, so if anyone would like to send a donation even if its just a few dollars, today would be a great day to do so as it's the final day of the fundrasier. So if your interested please send any donations via paypal to Dolly@karrellis.com

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