J*RYU's "Til The End of the World" custom

Jesse aka J*Ryu sends us yet another jaw dropping piece of work as he tackled Kathie Olivas' Hazel figure entitled "Til the End of the World". this was his submission for the the Zerostigmata Benefit Collective in Naples, Italy which was formed to help raise awareness of Sandoff Syndrome, and this piece was dedicated and created for a little boy who suffers from this disease... his name is Mattia Fagnoni.

The materials used in this project included super sculpey, magic sculpt, wood, metal, paper, fabric and craft porcelain. Jesse says that "I envisioned this piece to be a haven where Mattia is not suffering and can play to his heart's content. His father built him the ultimate tree house out of an old tree, protected by a cute wood dryad, where he can drink juice, eat sandwiches and read comic books. Mattia also has a secret treasure chest that holds everything that is dear to him inside of it. If you look hard enough, you may find it. Mattia also loves SCC Napoli, his favorite soccer team. His two best friends are Hubert and Cofield, his stuffed bears. Cofield has been naughty so he is strapped to Mattia's trusty boat. Hubert is guarding the sandwiches and snacks. Always on the lookout, Mattia is keeping watch, making sure that the sneaky Wood Octopus doesn't steal his treasure. In this world, Mattia will always play on, til the end of the world." This is truly a piece of art, and he Jesse has outdone himself yet again, and can't wait to see what's next... actually I already know, I can't wait until you all see it :-)

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