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When I look back at the start of my toy collecting I think possibly of those early days of Star Wars figures, then I think upon my first sight of some of the early 1:6 figures and Kaiju I saw coming out of Japan and HK. But I think the real thing that cemented my love of collecting was the customs. I can't think of many figures that come out of production that push the envelope as much as the stuff being created by the customizers out there. Save for 3A possibly. In fact it was that kind of attention to detail and the added bonus or articulation that led me to collect 3A. And while I love Ashley Wood's figures I still can't help being drawn the the customizers that take it one step further.

Fortunately for me 3A has drawn in some of the best artist's from around the world, be it designers, illustrators, sculptors or even in some cases professional toy designers. To stop by the 3A forum and look through the customs section is always a treat, and it always makes me want to push my own art further. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite customizers with you here from time to time. Today I'd start with toy customizer WWWetworks.

WWWetworks hasn't been in the world of custom toy building long but in that short period his stuff has come up and captured many people's imagination, myself included. What sets his stuff apart i think id the fact that it's wholly his own in most cases. While he works mostly in 1:6 figures right now, you can see his mind turning to other projects both in 1:6 bots and other avenues as well. So Lets take a moment and ask this artist some questions. Hit the jump for more!

So let's start this off the right way, please tell us your name and a little bit about yourself?
Hi, I'm Carlo, a 29 yrs old web-designer and design addict

So how long have you been making customs? and what drew you into it?
Just started building these customs about 6 months ago, though I've been wanting to do this kind of stuff for a long time, My good friend Malte/Muffinman got me inspired and I think the main turning point is when I saw his custom bramble and it totally blew me away, and of course a big part also is 3A

What is your favorite items to use for customs?
I love to work on 1/6 figures but I would like to push the boundaries and explore different platforms

What do you collect and why?
Strictly Ashley Wood/3A figures only, awesome stuff from a great artist

What are you currently working on?
Working on some commissions as well as my own stuff with a day job on the side

If you were to dream big, whats your one thing you'd love to make? Money's no limit....
I guess not literally but I would like to make my own mark in the toy designing art world, I would love for them to remember the name wwwetworks

Taking a look at some of your pieces I'm drawn to how great your paint and weathering skills are, as well as your sculpting skills. Did that just come natural or have you done this type of thing in the past or maybe have those skills from other hobby's?
This is my first time to do sculpting as well as painting and weathering, tutorials and research helped me a lot in developing my skills and also a lot of patience and hardwork.

One of the things I love is your tackling 1:6 figures. We don't see that too much here with exception to Mostly Military or themed kitbashes. Is this something you plan to continue? and what are your thoughts on the current trends in the toy market?
Yes, I believe 1:6 figures is my passion right now, I love the size and the articulation, guess the current trend now is the 1:6 figures and it is evolving, more and more great artists are coming out to share their skills.

And one last question, if someone wanted to contact you for custom work how would they go about doing that?
Please do drop me an email at wwwetworks@hotmail.com, thank you

For more information or to just gaze at his newest additions take a look at his flickr page.

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