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It's no secret 3A has a huge following with a rabid fan base that is always eager for the latest news and info. Fortunately we have Gimbat for that, but recently we've started to see many fans seeking to share their love of all things Ashley Wood and as a result a few fan based sites have come along giving the 3A collector even more choices to share in both the love of 3A toys and art as well as a chance to share their thought and opinions with others.

Recently it started with the ThreeA Wiki. A great resource and depository of all 3A knowledge and a great place to go when you just have a quick question about a toy or possibly to read up on some of the history behind the bots.

3A Radio came next. This is a Podcast on all things 3A as well as toys in general. Here you'll find fans sharing their love of toys along with product reviews, news and other great items of interest. 3A radio can be found both online here and at itunes podcast page here.

And the most recent to this is the new 3A chat board created by 3A member Bot Bambina. I had a chance to chat with her upon spending some time at the new chat site. I asked her a few questions as it intrigued me to see people stepping up all for the love of toys.

So Bot Bambina, tell me a bit about yourself:
I started collecting 3A toys in November of ’09. My love of 3A started when I began taking pictures of my fiancee’s new Tomorrow King. I didn’t really like it at first but when I started playing with the articulation and taking pictures I realized how awesome they were.

I collected barbies (laugh if you will) until I was 15 or 16. I spent a lot of my money on accessories. Mattel is a far cry from 3A, but when you see the tomorrow queens, you see what I WISHED I had to play with when I was a kid.

Our collection is primarily 3A. We are lucky enough to own an DIY de Plume and we just purchased the 1:1 Merc square which we are super excited about.

Tell me a bit what inspired you to do the chat room?
The chat site was just an idea that I had. I didn’t think anyone would care for it but Nocash pointed out to me there was a thread asking about a Legionnaire chatroom. So I made one. I went through TONS of sites and put people through a lot of confusion before I found a good one. I wanted there to be a site like this for drop nights mostly. But its turning out to be a pretty regular hangout for some. Its a lot of fun in there!

The 3A chat site is live now and while it's not always busy I expect it to be very busy on drop days. With a few possible drops this coming week i look forward to seeing how people will use it. To check out the chat simply go to www.legionnairebunker.com

Look for more news on 3A radio as well as a interview with it's founder soon...

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