Troy Stith's Miscreant Plaque Series...

The Miscreant plaque series is now complete, and thanks to the artistry of Troy Stith these turned out great! The series consists of 4 characters "Kronstosis", "Ferndred", "Loafler", and "Typhlozar" with each having their own individual personality. All 4 of these Miscreants will go on sale Monday, August 16th at 12:00pm EST in Troy's online store HERE and they will range from $20-$35 a piece! Be sure to hit the jump for a close look at each plaque.

Kronstosis Story:
Born in the runoff puddles of the Makanari Ink plant, Kronstosis finally escaped on the wheel of a delivery truck heading out on it's daily runs. Krontosis causes it's hosts to change colors randomly and in extreme cases, some have reported vomiting rainbows. There's nothing cute about this technicolor nightmare.

Ferndred Story:
Deep in the heart of the Maggler Jungle, Ferndred spends it's time clinging to mossy trees waiting for a new home to pass by. That lucky host not only gets to enjoy the jungle Ferndred lives in, they'll get to take it home with them as well. The most common symptom is moss like rashes that tend to spread quickly and actually attract bugs and wildlife to the host. The moss produces a honey like sap turning the host into a buffet for an assortment of critters. Other effects of Ferndred are: leaf development in the nasal cavities that results in endless sneezing fits, fingernails and toenails turning into bark, and the ever dreadful "rooting" that can occur while the host makes a bowel movement. Tread lightly in the Maggler Jungle.

Loafler Story:
Loafler makes it's home in kitchens everywhere. Mostly clinging to bread, which is where it's name is derived from. Loafler symptoms start with extreme sluggishness and a never-ending appetite. Most hosts have been found dead with food still in their mouth, consuming until their stomach bursts. Another effect causes the host's skin to cling and meld with items that they stay in contact with for too long. The objects become apart of the host, leaving them mutilated or trapped in place. Be careful next time you decide to make yourself a midnight snack.

Typhlozar Story:
Found in the medical waste bins of plastic surgery hospitals across the land, Typhlozar argues with itself as it waits for it's next unfortunate victim. All of the nasty unwanted bits that people get trimmed, sucked, and ripped from themselves make up this brooding beast. The unlucky soul this creature casts it's blind eye on will never be the same. Typhlozar strikes quickly and relentlessly. Causing the host's limbs to grow in proportion and sprout hideous pus filled bumps. The trademark sign of infection is that one of the host's eyes pops out of it's socket without warning. Turning beauties to beasts in mere hours. With Typhlozar on the loose, it might be a good idea to stay how you are.

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