¡Dios Mio! – Custom 10” Bart and Homer Simpson 10” Qees by Kim Mayhew

[TOY2R PRESS] Loco Folko artist Kim Mayhew was asked to customize these two 10” Simpsons Qees as part of the launch and opening of the Simpsons Qee Gallery online at Toy2R USA. She excelled at creating two amazing Day of the Dead style customs all completely hand painted. Fantastico, Kim!

For two years, Toy2R collaborated with artists across the globe to create the Bart Simpson Qee World Tour. After a lengthy tour through Hong Kong, Rome, Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles – Toy2R is pleased to present 175 original customs online in the new Simpsons Qee Gallery. The collection features original customs by Tokidoki, Brent Nolasco, Buff Monster, Tristan Eaton, Suckadelic, Ron English, Jeremyville, DrilOne and so many more top artists including Simpsons creator Matt Groening!

The 10” Homer Simpson DIY Qee makes it debut with Kim’s custom and Toy2R has recruited several other surprise artists to create amazing customs of America's loveable Homer, which will be revealed in coming weeks. Toy2R invites anyone who may have customized a Bart Simpson 10” Qee to submit images to be included in the online gallery. For more information, contact Toy2R USA at info@toy2rusa.com

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