"This Fear You May Know" an epic solo show featuring the art of Skinner @ White Walls Gallery

Skinner has one EPIC event planned right after another and this Saturday, August 14 from 7p-11p at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco marks the opening of yet another EPIC event... his solo show titled “This Fear You May Know”. Skinner has some amazing things planned for this and the show itself will feature a ton of new, amazing paintings as well as some new three dimensional sculpture/paintings and he will be transforming the gallery with a wild installation that Skinner shows have been known for.
Gabriel of SonicNoiseTV shares with us some other news about what to expect with the show as he has been working close with Skinner on some projects that will be revealed during the opening! What you may be asking... well according to Gabe and straight from his mouth "Skinner is introducing something new for you to hang on your walls. While there may not be a proper "toys" (possibly a resin prototype...) at this show, I fabricated 30 *items* for Skinner to customize. He designed them, I sculpted and made them, and then he painted the sh*t out of them! They turned out great, each painted individually and different from one another. They should bring back memories of Halloween while growing up in the '70s or '80s." This sounds so rad and I honestly can't wait to see more... Skinner is my hero, and if your looking for one -a hero that is - I have a suggestion for you, and you won't have to look far at all :-)

White Walls Gallery

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