3A Heavy Bramble sales today

So the day is finally upon us. 3A and Ashley Wood have a epic release today, the Heavy Bramble. This 1:6 figure stands at 14.5" tall x 10" wide and is fully articulated. With hands the size of a Apple Iphone. They need em that size just to hold the huge 21.5" RPG that comes with the Heavy Bramble. This RPG or "P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R. missile defense system" is as wide as a adult male arm. But enough about the toy here's the great little story from WWR (World War Robot) about this legendary defense bot.

"Large Martin was a major success for Rothchild, its ability to bring down sustained, very accurate death was lauded. BUT the price of a Large Martin unit, made it not so attractive to some factions. Rothchild never wanting to let a potential market be wasted, devised an upgrade scheme for the Bramble MK2. With an arm, head and engine upgrade, the newly christened Bramble MK2.5 Heavy was able to wield the P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R RPG, the first AI driven weapon introduced to the theatre of war. This combination of budget upgrade and leary RPG made the MK2.5 a popular addition to all forces."

Look for these to be on sale today on bambaland the online 3A store at 6p.m. pacific time. Prices are as follows:

Single = 280 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere
Double pack = 520 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere
Four pack = 1000 usd, this price includes shipping anywhere

As with all bambaland sales, items are limited ! All prices are before 3AA discount.

There are 4 versions offered, Grave Digger, Dawn's Blade (pink), JEA, and Deimos. JEA is only available as a single or in the 4 pack. As noted these are highly limited as they are already well into production and therefore should be shipping out closer to the estimated time provided by 3A on the bambaland website (not information shown yet but will be available at time of purchase), One last thing the 3A forum has been suffering problem earleir today and last night so if your experiancing any difficulty and want the up to the minute news on any surprise drops (as Ash often likes to do) please see forum moderator Gimbat's facebook or twitter updates.

At this time Ash has said there is no 3AA special drop for this release, but this can often change so keep an eye out just in case something magical is announced as it will be very very limited and most likely super cool.

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