"Electric Windows" group art event

Electric Windows Art is an event that happened a couple of weeks ago and it featured some HUGE named artists including: Big Foot, Buxtonia, BoogieRez, Cern, Chor Boogie, Chris Stain, Chris Yormick, Depoe, Elbow Toe, Elia Gurna, Ellis G, Erik Otto, Eugene Good, Faust, Gaia, Joe Iurato, Kid Zoom, Mr Kiji, Logan Hicks, Lotem & Aviv, Michael De Feo, Paper Monster, Peat Wollaeger, Rick Price, Ron English, Ryan Bubnis, Ryan Williams, Skewville, and thundercut. This event showcased some amazing large pieces of work displayed in Beacon, NY which were installed on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. Electric Windows draws it's name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount Beacon that will act as the backdrop for the event. A big thanks to PaperMonster for supplying the info and photos, and for more hit up his site HERE!

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