Crazy 4 Cult: Customs @ Gallery 1988SF

Another crazy art show is coming up... in fact it's called "Crazy 4 Cult: Customs" which is being hosted by G1988SF... and unlike all the previous Crazy 4 Cult shows, which primarily focused on traditional paintings, this show is going to feature nothing but custom vinyl pieces... AWESOME! This show is taking place on Saturday, Sept. 4th from 7-10PM at G1988 SF and will include some of today's top vinyl, sculptures and plush artists all the whilst being inspired by your favorite cult films as all the artists involved are tasked with creating customs that only pertain to a certain list of cult classics!

The artist list includes:
64 Colors, Adrian Pina, Andrew Bell, Anna Chambers, Brent Nolasco, Cliff Kerschner, Cristina Paulos, Daniel Elson, Danielle Buerli, Dr. Bao – NVC, Drilone, Ellen Schinderman, Eric Tan, Jen Rarey, Jeremiah Ketner, kaNO, Keithing, Ken Keirns, Kennis Chow, Leecifer, Lorena Alvarez, Mike Leavitt, Mikie Graham, Motorbot, Paul Barnes, Peter Gronquist, Pilar Berrio, Pocket Wookie, Project Detonate, Ryan Crippen, Scribe, Sean Blay, Wuzone and many more!

This is going to be one of those events that the opening night will be an awesome time because a ton of those artists mentioned above will be out for the opening, showing off the rad customs... I mean just look at a few of them above, some top notch work for sure! Be sure to clear your calendar if you in the Bay area and come on out to G1988SF to enjoy the great festivities and art!

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