SpankyStokes x Buff Monster - Studio Crash Interview part 1 of 2

In lieu of his upcoming show titled "Beyond The Pink" at Corey Helford Gallery on September 4th, 2010, Buff Monster was gracious enough to open his studio doors for SS.com to pop in for a bit to check out his many works'-n-progress as well as get a feel for who Buff Monster is, what he draws his inspiration from, and we even get a glimpse into his fridge ala a little MTV cribs action :-)

His studio is nestled away down a gated alley in downtown Los Angeles and would be impossible to find without gps navigation (thank you iphone). Buff's studio is pretty much a basement, but what more do you need... a large open space, that has good lighting, air conditioning, and all the tools of the trade to get work done. Amongst our chat, we also get to see the prototype of his Destroyer figure, which the first colorway is set to release through The Loyal Subjects in the very near future. This is a two part interview, so look for the next to drop early in the following week... sit back and enjoy the art and the artist that is Buff Monster!

Photo of brushes and paints from Hi-Fructose

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