Tenacious Toys x Argonaut Resins exclusive "Silver" Tuttz figure releasing tomorrow!

Tenacious Toys just snuck this one in on us... as their Argonaut Resins produced Silver Tuttz figures are dropping this Thursday, July 8th at 5PM PST! Yeah I know... tomorrow, but now that you know, you can't blame me for missing out on em' :-) These are going to be limited to 12 pieces and will be released in 2 Waves, and Wave 1 will drop HERE tomorrow! These will retail for $55 each, and will consist of 4 regular silver Tuttz figures, 1 Robo Tuttz and 1 Aquamarine Tuttz, developed to match the color of their blue "Danger Dog" logo. These look really cool, and will surely go fast so get that refresh button warmed up!

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