The "Executioner" & "Keepers" from Splurrt

Joe Merrill aka Splurrt announced that he is going t be releasing his rad resin creations today... and not only is there 1 great release but there are 2! First up is the "Executioner" figure which is a ball jointed brute and is done in the official Splurrt colors, black/green and splatter. These are limited to only 3 pieces have a dope stitched cloth hood, stand in at a large 6.5" tall and will retail for $75!

Next up is the creepy cool "Keepers" figures, a spooky spirit to haunt collections! These ghouls stand 4.75" tall and will be $45-$50... and unlike the previous figure, there are 5 of these to go around. Both of these figures were sculpted and painted by Splurrt, and all the resin work was done by the boys over at MonstreHero, so you know it's top quality. Both of these go up for sale at 8pm EST, so head on over HERE at that time and pick em up!

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