Cris Rose's "RAMPART EDITION B" resin bot

UK based artist Cris Rose just released info on his latest resin bot release... the 4" tall "RAMPART EDITION B". This is going to be released in two editions, the first being the standard Rampart which is a 2 eyed version that hasn't been available until now. In total, there are 4 of these, plus a single ultra-decayed "Forgotten Rampart" chase that comes covered in moss with a broken dome. You have a 1 in 5 chance of getting this chase as he will be distributed randomly. 3 of the 5 standard Ramparts come in a 2 pack along with a one-eyed brother. This second figure is an edition of 3 only and cannot be purchased outside of the 2 pack. The 2 pack has an equal chance of scoring the chase to a single.

This means that there will be 3x2 packs available and just 2 singles HERE on Thursday 15th July @ 18:00 London time and the pricing is as follows... Singles: $90+shipping, 2 packs: $175 +shipping!

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