SpankyStokes x Skinner - Interview part 1 of 3

So recently on a trip to Sacramento for an art show at Dragatomi and I ran into EPIC artist Skinner! At first I was kinda cautious because his beard was so menacing, but in the back of my head I kept saying "You can't judge a book by it's cover" and boy was that so true, Skinner is one of the nicest most humble guys you will ever meet and his art is so killer... in fact Skinner invited me up to his artist commune to check out his digs and where all the magic happens in his studio.

Upon arrival the rain was coming down in buckets, so we ran from the car to the porch which was strewn with all types of flowers and vegetation... and come to find out Skinner and the whole community built these houses from scratch. Skinner's house is filled from floor to ceiling with all kinds of art work, not only from friends but from artists that have inspired him over the years. Then... we made our way into his studio inside a studio meaning he had his studio and inside that was his girlfriend Kristie's studio where she play drums for a doom rock band called Cura Cochino which translates to dirty priest... which unintentionally and coincidentally was the fantastic soundtrack to our video as they were practicing throughout our filming!

This is a three part interview, and this is the first of the three... why three because youtube only allows 10min clips at a time, but in each part you will get a little insight into Skinner not only as an artist but as a person, what he has crackin on the art front, as well as all kinds of misc sundries mixed in. So sit back and enjoy!

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