"RAS2010" plastic set of figures from Dust

German artist Dust shares with us his latest and greatest run of resin figures... the "RAS2010" and pictured above is the regular edition! These figures are hand-painted and made of a nice solid plastic... so each one is extremely unique. The full set is an edition of 40 pieces but will be split up as follows: RAS_Greyguard pic HERE (Limited Edition of 10), RAS_Greenguard (Limited Edition of 10) and RAS_Goldenguard (Limited Edition of 10). Also to note... each "RAS2010" figure will come with his own personal medic figure i.e. the dude with the creepy grill pictured above! These are all available via The Dirty Cream right now HERE so head on over and pick em' up... these are seriously sick resin pieces!

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